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Meet Amy Adams Strunk, the major shareholder of the Tennessee Titans, an NFL franchise, whose effective management of the team has been essential to her success. Her early exposure to leadership roles has helped her establish herself as a prominent figure in both American business and sports. With an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion, she ranks ninth among the new twelve billionaires in sports.

What is Amy Adams Strunk’s Net worth?

According to Forbes.com, Amy Adams Strunk has an estimated net worth of $1.6 billion, ranking her ninth among the twelve new sports billionaires in 2023. It is believed that most of her net worth was accumulated from her ownership of the Tennessee Titans.

Yearly Earnings, Monthly Income, and Salary

There is no information about Amy Adams Strunk’s monthly income. However, it is assumed that she earns a substantial monthly income, considering the Tennessee Titans’ revenue reached $485 million, according to Forbes estimate.

amy adams strunk net worth

Early Life and Family

Due to her privileged upbringing, Amy Adams Strunk was fortunate to be exposed to her family’s business from a young age. Her late father, Bud Adams, gave birth to her on September 29, 1955, in Houston, Texas. Susie Adams Smith and the late Kenneth Adams III are two of her siblings.

In her early years, she gained experience in leadership positions by overseeing various family enterprises, such as Bud Adams Ranches, Inc., serving as the president of a fox hunting association named Kenada Fox Hounds, and holding the role of president at the Little River Oil and Gas Company.

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Amy Adams Strunk began her college education at Pine Manor College before transferring to the University of Texas in Austin, where she earned a history degree. However, there is little information about the high school she attended.

Professional Life

In Amy Adams Strunk’s early career, she managed some of her family businesses, namely Kenada FoxHounds, Little River Oil and Gas Company, and Bud Adams Ranches Inc., before she became popularly known as the person in charge of an American football club in the National Football League (NFL), the Tennessee Titans, in 2015. Amy is also on the Board of Directors’ and co-chairman of the Tennessee Titans.

Under Amy Adams Strunk’s leadership, she implemented important changes in the football club’s management to enhance the team’s performance. Alongside various other alterations, she selected Jon Robinson as the general manager and Mike Vrabel as the head coach. Furthermore, Amy Adams Strunk has consistently upgraded Nissan Stadium on an annual basis. Additionally, she has ensured that the team’s practice facilities and training sessions are well-equipped and supported as needed.

Amy Adams Strunk Achievement and Philanthropy Work

Amy Adams Strunk has made significant contributions to the Tennessee Titans as the controlling owner and co-chairman of the franchise’s Board of Directors since March 2015. Her leadership has transformed the team’s fortunes, resulting in multiple winning seasons, playoff appearances, and a top seed in the AFC playoffs. Amy’s commitment to improving facilities and expanding the franchise’s administrative staff has been key to this success. She also played a crucial role in securing approval for a new stadium. Additionally, she successfully brought the 2019 NFL Draft to Nashville, drawing record crowds and ratings. 

Amy’s philanthropic efforts include substantial donations for disaster relief and local non-profits. As the daughter of Tennessee Titans founder Bud Adams, she is dedicated to building upon her father’s legacy and establishing the Titans as an elite NFL franchise.


Ownership Restructuring of the Tennessee Titans

After Bud Adams passed away in 2013, the Tennessee Titans’ ownership was split in three. Amy Adams Strunk earned one-third, Susie Adams Smith got another third, and the wife of their deceased brother, Susan Lewis, and her sons, Kenneth S. Adams IV and Barclay Adams, got an equal share of the remaining third. Susie Adams Smith’s husband, Tommy Smith, assumed the role of team president. However, this ownership arrangement did not meet NFL league regulations, resulting in penalties imposed by the NFL. Consequently, in 2015, the family appointed Amy Adams Strunk as the controlling owner and brought Steve Underwood out of retirement to serve as team president.

Additionally, Amy Adams Strunk now owns 50% of the team after Susie Adams Smith sold her shares to KSA Industries Inc., a firm that controls the majority of the family business. Barclay Adams, Susan Lewis, and Kenneth Adams IV will be in charge of the remaining 50%. 

Marital Status

She is happily married to Bill Hunt, a former commercial airline pilot, and she is the mother of three adult children from her previous marriages: Tracy Thompson, Tommy Thompson, and Blanche Strunk.

Amy was married twice before she met Bill Hunt. In 1990, Amy’s first marriage collapsed, which had been the result of a period of depression brought on by her brother’s suicide. A cattle breeder named Tim Strunk, who was her second husband, unfortunately died in an automobile accident in 1997.

Amy Adams Strunk’s Age, Height and Weight

There is no publicly available information about Amy Adams Strunk’s height and weight. Amy is currently 68 years old as of 2023.

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Quick Information

Real Name Amy Adams Strunks
Nickname “Mom” to Tennessee Titans’ fans
Gender Female
Profession Co-owner of the Tennessee Titans
Net Worth $1.6 billion (Estimate)
Nationality American 
Age 68 (as of 2023)
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Parents Father: Bud Adams

Mother: Unknown

Husband Bill Hunt
Number of Children 3  (Tracy Thompson, Tommy Thompson, and Blanche Strunk)


Personal Details

Email Address Not available
Phone Number Not available
Website https://www.tennesseetitans.com/team/front-office-roster/amy-adams-strunk
Discord or Telegram Not available
Facebook Not available
YouTube Not available
Instagram Not available
Twitter Not available
Linkedin Not available
Snapchat Not available


Amy Adams Strunk’s early experience in leadership roles, strategic leadership, and unwavering dedication have led to improvements in the management and performance of the Tennessee Titans over the years. The success story of the Tennessee Titans has contributed to Amy Adams Strunk’s net worth of $1.6 billion

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