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Carrie Morey is a food entrepreneur & food business consultant valued at $ 2 million. This article explores Carrie’s finances, business journey & background.



Carrie Morey is a resilient baker who has sustained her culinary business for 18 years while being a mother to three daughters. 

Her net worth of $ 2 million speaks to her persistence in running her culinary business,  Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, which is critical to her net worth. 


This article sheds light on Carrie’s finances, family life, professional life, and achievements across the board.  

What is Carrie Morey’s Net Worth?

Carrie Morey has a net worth of $ 2 million, which is subject to income from her culinary business, Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit. 

Yearly Earnings, Monthly Income, and Salary

There is no public information about Carrie Morey’s earnings at this time.

Professional Life and Achievements

carrie morey net worth

Carrie Morey started her culinary business, Callie Charleston Biscuits, now known as Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit in Charleston, South Carolina in 2005. 

Carrie revealed in a ShoutoutAtlanta interview how she has tried to achieve work-life balance working her food business and raising her three daughters alongside her husband. As of 2023, Callie’s Hot Little Business has grown to a multi-state business, serving Southern biscuits through the business’s online platform, grab-and-go eateries, and grocery stores across the United States of America. 

Carrie’s business is widely recognized as an iconic Southern brand, with a palette of handmade goods across biscuits, pimento cheese, grits, walkers, and accouterments. 

Carrie Morey has appeared on numerous TV shows such as the NBC Today Show, The Martin Stewart Show, Fox and Friends, The Hallmark Channel, Top Chef, and QVC. 

Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit also garnered 22 awards from the Specialty Fords Association and appeared on the 2019 Fortune 100 Fastest Growing InnerCity businesses list. 

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Carrie Morey is a cookbook author and has authored two books: Callie’s Biscuits, Southern  Traditions, and Hot Little Suppers–a guide for cooking with family and friends.

Early Life and Family

Carrie Morey as a business owner inherited business values growing up, as her father was an investment advisor while her mother was a caterer. Her husband and father-in-law were into businesses as well.


According to her LinkedIn profile, Carrie Morey attended the University of South Carolina for her undergraduate degree between 1991 to 1995, where she majored in Education.  


carrie morey net worth

Carrie Morey is married to her husband, John (surname withheld). The pair have three daughters: Caroline, Kate, and Sarah. 

Carrie Morey Age, Height, and Weight

There is no public information about Carrie Morey’s age, weight, and height at this time.

Social Media

Carrie Morey has a huge fan base across her social media platforms, where she shares recipes and family pictures on her Instagram account.  She is active on Twitter and Facebook as well.

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Personal Profile 

Information Details
Real Name Carrie Morey 
Nick Name Unavailable 
Profession Baker, Business Owner, Author
Height    Unavailable 
Weight        Unavailable 
Marital Status  Married 
Children 3


Company Profile

Company Name Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit
Company Type Privately Held
Specialties Biscuits, Cookies, Cheese, Accouterments
Business Type In-business
Industry  Food 
Founded by     Carrie Morey 
Founded in 2005
Headquarters  1895 Avenue F North Charleston, SC 29405
Phone Number 843-577-1198



Carrie Morey’s journey as a resilient baker and business owner has not only earned her a net worth of $2 million but also a well-deserved place in the culinary world. Her success story is a testament to her dedication to building Callie’s Hot Little Biscuit, a business that has grown from humble beginnings to a multi-state phenomenon.

Carrie’s ability to balance her professional life with raising three daughters and her supportive husband showcases her unwavering commitment to both her family and her passion for Southern cuisine. Her appearances on national television, numerous awards, and inclusion in the Fortune 100 Fastest Growing InnerCity businesses list underscore her remarkable achievements.

While her net worth reflects the financial success of her culinary venture, it is Carrie’s entrepreneurial spirit, culinary expertise, and dedication to her family that truly define her inspiring journey.


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