Urban Float Net Worth 2023 | Unique HydroTherapy Solution, Founder, Year Founded, Success & Recognition, Challenges, Future Plans

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Unlocking the enigmatic $500,000 net worth of Urban Float – the trailblazing venture that emerged stronger after Shark Tank. 


Delve into their founders’ journey, soaring success, and ambitious horizons.

Urban Float Net Worth

urban float net worth


Urban Float’s exact net worth remains uncertain due to varying reports from different sources. 

However, during a Shark Tank episode, co-founder Scott Swerland mentioned that the company made around $1 million in sales in 2018, with a similar amount in debts. 

Based on this information, as of 2023, Urban Float’s valuation likely falls between $250,000 and $500,000.

Despite not accepting the deal offered on Shark Tank, Urban Float has experienced substantial growth. They have expanded to multiple locations across Seattle, Tacoma, Vancouver, Ohio, Texas, and Delaware. 

The company generates income primarily through its floatation therapy services, monthly membership subscriptions, and retail products that enhance the float experience.

About Urban Float

Founded in 2012 by entrepreneurs Joe Beaudry and Scott Swerland, Urban Float specializes in floatation therapy. This involves clients floating in sensory deprivation pods filled with warm water and Epsom salts. The therapy aims to alleviate stress, treat joint pains, and enhance mental and physical well-being.

Urban Float’s unique approach to relaxation and wellness gained recognition, leading to its appearance on Shark Tank during Season 10. 

The company’s growth has been remarkable, with multiple locations in various states. They continue to expand into more states in the future.

Quick Company Info

Net Worth Approximately $500,000 (as of 2023)
Business Name Urban Float
Business Type Flotation Therapy
Status In Business
Company Type Private
Industry Leisure Facilities
Based in Seattle, WA, United States
Founded by Joe Beaudry & Scott Swerland
Founded in 2012
Headquarters Renton
Product Hydro-Therapy Floating Spa
Website http://www.urbanfloat.com/
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/company/urban-float
Twitter  https://twitter.com/urbanfloat
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/UrbanFloatRehobothBeach
Top Competitors Zennor Den & $6 Million, The Spa & Wellness Centre, Pain and Wellness Centre, Mudra Massage, Floatworks

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About Urban Float Founders

urban float net worth

Joe Beaudry and Scott Swerland are the brains behind Urban Float. 

Joe was inspired by floating as a way to enhance focus, memory, and stress relief. After trials of floating tanks, he partnered with Scott Swerland, a serial entrepreneur who also experienced the benefits of floating. Urban Float was born in 2013 with Scott’s involvement.

Both founders are committed to promoting floatation therapy for relaxation, pain relief, and well-being. 

While specific financial details about their personal net worth aren’t available, their income likely comes from their ownership stakes in Urban Float, which has shown consistent growth.

Urban Float’s Journey After Shark Tank

Following their appearance on Shark Tank, Urban Float has thrived. With a $500,000 investment from Shark Matt Higgins for a 12.5% equity stake, they expanded their business and offerings.

Since then, Urban Float has grown its operations, establishing multiple locations across states like Arizona, California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Washington State, and Wisconsin. They’ve brought their unique floatation therapy experiences to more customers, helping them relax, reduce stress, and enhance overall well-being.

Apart from sensory deprivation tanks, Urban Float diversified into nutrition counseling, massage therapy, and other wellness treatments. They’ve maintained their focus on delivering top-notch products and experiences, cultivating a loyal customer base, and solidifying their position in the wellness industry.

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The Road Ahead for Urban Float

Urban Float harbors ambitious plans for the future, including potential international expansion. This move would enable them to introduce their innovative floatation therapy to a global audience, fueling growth and success on an international scale.

Urban Float’s journey since Shark Tank has been marked by continuous growth and innovation. They’ve evolved from a startup into a thriving business, offering distinctive wellness experiences to individuals seeking relaxation and enhanced well-being.


Urban Float’s net worth, though unverified, hints at significant potential, aligning with its remarkable growth and expansion.

Co-founders Joe Beaudry and Scott Swerland have propelled the company’s success, leveraging unique floatation therapy offerings.

Rejecting the Shark Tank deal did not deter their progress; they’ve built a loyal customer base, diversified services, and set their sights on international expansion. 

Urban Float’s journey exemplifies innovation and resilience, firmly positioning them as leaders in the wellness industry’s pursuit of relaxation and well-being.


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