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With an impressive net worth of $10 million in 2023, Just The Cheese has not only captivated the market but also the hearts of health-conscious snack enthusiasts.


Originating from the vision to offer an uncompromising snack option, the brand has risen through the ranks, propelled by its keto-friendly, low-carb, and gluten-free delights. 

Delve into the savory tale of Just The Cheese, exploring its inception, tantalizing products, and the entrepreneurial fervor that has led to its remarkable net worth growth.


Just The Cheese Net Worth

Just The Cheese’s estimated net worth for 2023 stands at $10 million, reflecting steady growth over the years. Here’s a breakdown of net worth figures over the past years:

2018: $3.5 million

2019: $6 million

2020: $6.5 million

2021: $7 million

2022: $7.5 million

2023: $10 million

This growth is propelled by the brand’s increasing popularity and rising sales. 

Just The Cheese’s revenue streams come from sales across various retail channels, including supermarkets, grocery stores, and prominent online platforms like Amazon. 

The company’s commitment to delivering keto-friendly, low-carb, and gluten-free snacks has strongly resonated with health-conscious consumers, contributing to its financial success.

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About Just the Cheese

just the cheese net worth

Founding and Early Funding

David Scharfman, hailing from a lineage of cheesemakers, initiated his entrepreneurial journey with a vision to create an enhanced snack option. The brand’s inception stems from reviving his father’s baked cheese snack bar idea, originally introduced during the Atkins diet trend and later revitalized with the surge of the Keto diet.

Products and Brand Philosophy

Just The Cheese specializes in crafting baked cheese snacks exclusively from 100% real Wisconsin cheese. The brand offers an array of flavors including garlic and chive, jalapeño cheese, Wisconsin cheddar, and more. The name ‘Just The Cheese’ aptly reflects their commitment to simplicity and purity, with products free from fillers or additives.

Target Audience, Headquarters, and Reach 

Catering to diverse consumers, including those embracing keto, low-carb, and gluten-free diets, Just The Cheese operates from its headquarters in Reeseville, Wisconsin. It extends its presence to over 2,500 supermarkets and grocery stores nationwide, including prominent retailers like Wegmans, Publix, Target, and Walmart. Additionally, the brand’s online availability through platforms such as Amazon adds to its accessibility.

Continued Triumph

Just The Cheese’s appearance on “Shark Tank” significantly boosted its visibility, leading to increased sales and heightened brand recognition, popularly termed the ‘Shark Tank Bump.’ The brand garners positive attention from notable media outlets such as Food Network, BuzzFeed, Today, and The New York Times. Moreover, its ‘Snack Safely’ approval attests to allergen-free quality, making it a safe choice for school consumption.

Acquisition and Forward Momentum

In late 2022, Just The Cheese underwent acquisition by John B. Sanfilippo & Son Inc., acquiring all assets from Specialty Cheese Co. Inc. Despite this change, the brand’s growth trajectory and popularity remain unabated.

Prospects Ahead

Fueled by a robust social media following, media acknowledgments, and a strong distribution network, Just The Cheese’s future prospects remain promising. Their dedication to offering wholesome and delectable cheese snacks aligns harmoniously with the ongoing trend of health-conscious consumption.

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Company Overview


Net Worth:  $10 Million
Business Name Just The Cheese
Business Type Packaged Snack 
Company Status  Active
Company Type Private
Industry Food and Beverage
Headquarters Reeseville, Wisconsin
Founded by  David Scharfman and Connie
Established in  2017
Products Baked cheddar cheese snacks (carb, gluten, and sugar-free)
Website justthecheese.com
Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number:  800-367-1711
Social Media:  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram
Main Competitors: Murray’s Cheese, 14th Street Pizza, Conti’s Sugar Mountain and Baked


Founder’s Background

David Scharfman grew up in a family with deep-rooted connections to cheesemaking, affording him invaluable insights into the cheese industry. His passion for crafting a healthier and delightful snack led to the inception of Just The Cheese. David, along with his wife Connie, embarked on the bold journey of leaving his consulting job to relaunch the brand. Their unwavering commitment to quality, health-consciousness, and fostering an inclusive company culture has been instrumental in Just The Cheese’s ascent.

While specific figures about David Scharfman’s income are unavailable, his entrepreneurial trajectory and strategic decisions have significantly contributed to the brand’s triumph and net worth ascent.

Quick Info

Real Name  David Scharfman
Nicknames Unknown
Nationality Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Place of Birth Unknown
Profession CEO of Just The Cheese
Net Worth Unknown 
Salary/Income/Earnings Unknown
Weight Unknown
Height Unknown
Email Address Not Found
Phone Number Not Found
Website Not Found
Discord Not Found
Facebook Not Found
YouTube Not Found
Instagram Not Found
Snapchat Not Found
TikTok Not Found
Telegram Not Found


Founder’s Entrepreneurial Voyage

just the cheese net worth

Born into a family of cheesemakers, David Scharfman embarked on a determined path to creating an elevated snack alternative. Drawing inspiration from his father’s past creation, the baked cheese snack bar, David and his wife Connie bravely relaunched the product, nurturing its growth.

During his appearance on “Shark Tank” Season 11, David presented Just The Cheese to the sharks, seeking a partnership for expansion. Declining three offers, he demonstrated a steadfast commitment to the brand’s vision and values.

David’s journey embodies diligent work, dedication, and astute business acumen, pivotal to Just The Cheese’s success and burgeoning net worth.

Where is Just the Cheese Now?

just the cheese net worth

Following its appearance on Shark Tank, Just The Cheese has continued to flourish and gain recognition. The brand has expanded its reach, with a substantial increase in retail presence and a growing customer base. The brand has garnered attention from reputable media outlets like Food Network, Buzzfeed, Today, and The New York Times, bolstering its standing.

Moreover, the brand maintains its dedication to catering to specific dietary requirements, offering gluten-free and allergen-safe snacks for consumption in schools. Despite not securing a deal on Shark Tank, David Scharfman and his wife Connie persist in steering the brand’s expansion and retaining a robust online and offline existence. As of the latest available data, the brand’s net worth is estimated at around $10 million, reflecting its success and ongoing relevance in the snack market.


Just The Cheese’s net worth of $10 million gleams as a testament to its irresistible allure. The journey that began with a commitment to purity and flavor has led to a resounding success story. 

From ‘Shark Tank’ stardom to widespread recognition and acquisition, the brand’s ascent continues, resonating with the health-conscious zeitgeist. Just The Cheese’s net worth not only measures its financial triumph but symbolizes the blend of dedication, innovation, and a palate-pleasing legacy.


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