Victory Outdoor Services Net Worth 2023 | Full Organization Profile, Founder's Influence and Entrepreneurial Journey

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Prepare to be astonished by Victory Outdoor Services’ net worth, standing at an impressive $1.5 million! 


Continue reading to learn about the secrets behind their remarkable success.

Victory Outdoor Services Net Worth

Victory Outdoor Services has an estimated net worth of approximately $1.5 million as of 2023. This figure includes the value of the business, equipment, and the founder’s personal assets.


The main income streams responsible for this net worth are the revenue generated from their outdoor services business, which includes services like concrete driveways, pathways, landscaping, and snow removal. Additionally, the YouTube channel, “Victory Outdoor Services,” contributes to their net worth through ad revenue and other potential sources like sponsored content and product sales.

victory outdoor services net worth

Company Profile

Net Worth $1.5 million – $2.5 million
Company’s full name Victory Outdoor Services
Company type Outdoor services
Services Concrete driveways, pathways, and walkways; landscaping services; snow removal
Business type In-business
Industry Consumer/Landscape Services
Founded by            Ryan Tomich
Founded in        2016
Headquarters location 4639 Meadow View, Brookfield, Wisconsin, 53005, United States
Phone Number (262) 599-1712
Top Competitors  Concrete By Will, John Sheehan Construction and Stomper Concrete

Victory Outdoor Services Founder’s Bio and Entrepreneurial Journey

Ryan Tomich is the founder of Victory Outdoor Services. He established the firm in 2016 after gaining over 25 years of experience in the concrete industry and related businesses. Born in Wisconsin, Ryan is currently in his 40s, standing at a height of 5 feet 11 inches. He is a seasoned concrete expert, YouTuber, and content creator.

Ryan’s early life and family indicate that he comes from a well-off background with business talents. He has a passion for his work, setting high standards for each project to prioritize quality over quantity. With a hands-on approach, he involves himself in most of the projects undertaken by the company, ensuring they meet clients’ expectations.

Regarding his education, specific details are not available, but his extensive experience in the concrete business speaks to his expertise in the field.

Ryan is happily married and lives in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, with his wife and six children. His YouTube channel, “Victory Outdoor Services,” features his family members, especially his daughter, and has gained significant popularity, with over 100 million views as of mid 2023.

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Latest Updates on Victory Outdoor Services and Ryan Tomich

As of July 2023, Victory Outdoor Services is still in business and continues to operate its outdoor services company, providing a range of services such as concrete driveways, pathways, landscaping, and snow removal. Their commitment to delivering high-quality and affordable services has contributed to their success and positive reputation.

Victory Outdoor Services’ YouTube channel in particular continues to thrive, with over 360,000 subscribers and 439 uploaded videos. Estimated average earnings (according to Starstat) from advertising on the channel are as follows:

  • Daily: $284
  • Weekly: $1,990
  • Monthly: $47,655
  • Yearly: $571,854

It’s important to mention that the figures provided are based on available data up to July 2023 and may vary over time due to changes in viewership and advertising trends.

Ryan Tomich, the founder of Victory Outdoor Services, remains dedicated to his family, which consists of his beloved wife and six children. He often features his family members on his YouTube channel, showcasing their happy moments and reinforcing the values of family-oriented content.

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Victory Outdoor Services net worth of around $1.5 million is a result of their unparalleled commitment to providing top-notch outdoor services and the overwhelming success of their viral YouTube channel. Ryan Tomich’s journey from an experienced concrete expert to a thriving entrepreneur has truly led to extraordinary achievement in both business and family-oriented content creation.


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