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Ray Romano is a name mostly associated with laughter and heartfelt moments, he is an American comedian and actor, he has captivated the minds of his audience for years. Looking at Ray Romano net worth, he rose to fame with his iconic role in the beloved sitcom “Everybody Loves Raymond”. Romano has been on the big screen bringing laughter, smiles and happy moments to his audiences through movies such as Ice Age, Ice Age: The Melt Down, Ice Age: Dawn of Dinosaurs, etc. Examining Ray Romano Networth, age, family, brother, movies, parents and some aspects of his life would help us to understand him as a person and the characters he has played. 

His comedic genius and relatable everyman persona have made him a household name. Romano was born in Queens, New York, Romano’s remarkable journey from being a stand-up comedian to an Emmy award winning actor is a testament to his talent and dedication. Beyond the screen, he has also featured in a lot of animated movies, and he has seamlessly been able to transition to more dramatic roles, showcasing his adaptability. Join us as we delve into the life and career of Ray Romano, exploring the milestones that have defined his extraordinary path in the entertainment industry.

Ray Romano Net Worth

Ray Romano is an American comedian, actor and professional voice actor, screenwriter, television producer, and a standup comedian that has featured in multiple movies in his decades in the entertainment industry. During this time, he is said to have acquired a fortune. Ray Romano net worth is estimated to be $200 million.

The Sitcom Everybody Loves Ray helped him earn a huge fanbase and stamped his name in the entertainment industry. His earnings became more available to the public from the 5th season of Everybody Loves Ray. He earned $800,000 per episode of the sitcom, in season five, six and seven. This would make it a total of $57 million earned from just three seasons. If he was paid less in the previous season, let’s say half of what he earned in season five, six, and seven, that would still earn him a very huge amount of money. The show broke the record for the highest revenue for $3.9 billion.

Ray went further to earn a record breaking sum of $1.75 million per episode of the two final seasons of the sitcom. This would put him as a very top earner in the industry, up until his record was broken in 2019 by Reese Witherspoon and Jenifer Aniston, earning $2 million per episode of the morning show.

Ray won $125,000 for the NYPD’s D.A.R.E unit when he featured on the Who Wants to be a Millionaire show. This made him and his brother on one of New York’s Police Department recruiting posters.

Romano came back to television in 2008 with a new dramedy for TNT.

Ray Romano Net Worth

Early Life and Family

Ray Romano was born in Queens, New York to Albert Romano and Luciana, his dad was a real estate agent and engineer, while his mom was piano teacher. He spent his early childhood in the neighborhood of Forest Hills and he has an older brother “Richard” who is a sergeant in the NYPD and a younger brother who is a second grade teacher in New York. 

Romano did his elementary and middle school at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills. He graduated from Hillcrest High in 1975. Before getting into show business Romano briefly studied accounting at Flushing New York where he studied accounting.

Ray Romano’s Wife, Children & Brothers

In 1987, Ray Romano met and married Anna Scarpulla while working at the same bank. They had four children. Romano’s daughter Alexandra “Ally” Romano is the name his fictional daughter on Everybody Loves Ray was named after.

He had twins, which were named Gregory and Mathew, and his fictional twins in the series were also named after his real boys. His family has made quite an appearance on the show Everybody Loves Ray. His daughter appeared as Molly, his father appeared as Albert and his brother has also appeared too. His elder brother is an NYPD sergeant and his younger brother is a middle school teacher. 

The names of his kids are Alexandra Romano, Matthew Romano, Gregory Romano, Joseph Romano.

The name of his parents are Al Romano, Lucie Romano and the names of his brothers are Robert Romano, Richard Romano


Romano moved around a bit when it came to schooling, he bounced around from one school to another. He did his elementary and middle high at Our Lady Queen of Martyrs in Forest Hills. He later graduated from Hillcrest High School in 1979 after transferring from Archbishop Molloy High School. Romano studied accounting briefly before going into comedy fully, even though he started his career early. 

Professional Life

Romano’s early comedy career started when he competed in the Jonnie Walker comedy search in 1989. His career also included many outlets  like Comedy Central where he became a recurring voice on the show Dr. Katz, Professional therapist. He also was a contestant in the stand up comedy category Star Search. He also had a few troubles starting up where he was the original cast on the American television Sitcom, News Radio . He was later fired and replaced with Greg Lee.

Romano later did stand up comedy appearing on the Late Show With Letterman, this formed his ties with CBS. Which made him become the star of his own show Everybody Loves Raymond shortly after that. This show was carved to his own brand of humor. His intelligent performance on the show earned him six Primetime Emmy Award nominations as an outstanding lead actor in a comedy series and he won this category in 2022. In 2023 and 2025, Romano shared two Emmy Awards for his show as an executive producer when his show won Outstanding Comedy Series.

In 1998, at the White House Correspondent Association Dinner, Romano performed the opening monologue.

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Ray Romano’s Movies and Performance

Ray Romano net worth is linked to his impressive character portrayal and professional life.

Romano and his friend Kevin James starred in Grilled the salesman comedy. In this movie, they were two average people of the same craft trying to land a big sale.

Romano was also featured on the 2000 episode of the television show Who Wants to be a Millionaire. Where he won $125,000 for the NYPD D.A.R.E unit. This made him and one of his brothers appear on the NYPD’s recruitmenting poster the following year.

Romano achieved the title of the highest paid television actor for his role as Raymond in Everybody Loves Ray in 2004 and the show broke the record of having the highest revenue of $3.9 billion.

Romano became the subject of the documentary film 95 Miles to Go. This is a documentation of Romano’s road trip through the south of the United States. On April 7, 2010, the film was released to theaters by Think Film. At UCLA, Romano was interviewed in front of a live audience by fellow standup veteran David Steinberg in August 2006 for an episode of Sit Down Comedy With David Steinberg. Which first aired in March 2007 on the TV Land Network.

Romano later appeared on the NBC series The Office, he played the role of Merv Bronte, interviewing for a job left vacant but was very nervous.

Romano made an appearance on ABC’s Sitcom, The Middle, as a friend of Mike, Nicky. Who ruined both their honeymoon. Romano reunited with Patricia Heaton on The Middle, which made him the second actor to do that on the show. 

Romano joined the cast of “Parenthood” on the premiere of the fourth season and he played the role of a photographer, Hank Rizzoli. HE later had a relationship with Sarah Braverman, and developed a relationship with her nephew who had asperger syndrome. After expressing his love for the series he met with the creator and this role was specifically created for him.

We cannot examine Romano’s professional life without mentioning the Ice Age, after Everybody Loves Ray. In 2002, he became a voice actor on the movie Ice Age, which he followed through with the sequels, in 2006, 2009, 2012 and 2016.

From 2017 to 2019 he appeared in three seasons of Get Shorty. He later starred in Paddleton in 2019 and he is set to play Jim Valvano in an upcoming movie.

Ray Romano Net Worth

Romano’s Age, Height & Weight

Ray Romano, born Dec 21, 1957 is 66 years old, he is an brilliant stand-up comedian and actor that weighs 82 kg and he is 6ft 1.5 in tall. He is smart, God fearing and a family man.

Quick Info

Real NameRay Romano
Nick NameNil
ProfessionStand-up Comedian, Actor & Voice Actor
Date of BirthDec 21, 1957
Age66 Years
Height6 ft 1.5 inches
WeightIn Kilograms: 82 kG
RelationshipAnna Romano ( Married 1987)
ChildrenAlexandra Romano, Matthew Romano, Gregory Romano, Joseph Romano
ParentsAl Romano, Lucie Romano

Ray Romano’s Contacts and Phone Numbers

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In examining Ray Romano Net Worth we discovered that his enduring appeal lies in his ability to connect with audiences through humor and heart. From his groundbreaking work on “Everybody Loves Raymond” to his voice work in the “Ice Age” series and his impressive forays into drama, Romano has proven himself a versatile and beloved figure in entertainment.

His down-to-earth charm and relatable humor continue to resonate, making him a timeless figure in comedy. As we reflect on his career, it’s clear that Ray Romano’s impact on television and film is profound and lasting. Whether making us laugh or surprising us with his dramatic chops, Romano remains a cherished and influential figure in the world of entertainment, reminding us of the power of genuine talent and authenticity.

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