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Tiffany Krumins, a successful entrepreneur, has a net worth valued at $ 10 million. This figure is subject to her signature medicine dispenser–Ava The Elephant, which takes out the fear and anxiety of medicine time. 


Ava The Elephant was inspired by an infant with Down’s Syndrome who struggled to take medications. Tiffany was his caregiver, so she gave her all to soothe his anxiety. 

In this update, I shed light on her professional life managing her patent medicine product amongst other details.


What is Tiffany Krumin’s Net Worth?

tiffany krumins net worth

Tiffany Krumin’s net worth is valued at $10million thanks to her best-selling medicine dropper, Ava The Elephant. 

Tiffany revealed in a SharkTank interview that Ava The Elephant was initially manufactured in China, but moved to the U.S.A. when the business got rolling. 

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Yearly, Monthly Income and Salary

There is no public information about Tiffany Krumin’s annual and monthly income at this time. 

Early Life and Family

There is no public information about Tiffany Krumin’s immediate family and her upbringing at this time. 

Tiffany Krumins Age, Height, and Weight

As of 2023, Tiffany Krumins is reportedly 43 years old. She is 5 feet and 5 inches tall, and she currently weighs 49 kg.


There is no public information about Tiffany Krumin’s primary and tertiary education at this time.

Professional Profile and Achievements

tiffany krumins net worth

Tiffany founded Ava The Elephant in 2009. Ava The Elephant is an innovative medicinal product for infants and children. The product is the only animated medicine dispenser that allows mothers to give their children treatment effectively. 

Ava The Elephant was born when Tiffany went through a challenging experience as a caregiver giving medicine to children, which was unpleasant. Tiffany took Ava The Elephant initiative to the ABC Shark Tank show, to pitch her business and she won $50,000 on the show. 

Ava The Elephant also had an early investment from investor Barbara Corcoran, who invested $50,000 for a 55% exchange for the product company shares. 

The product idea paid off, and sales soared from $100,000 to over $ 10 million in 2013. Ava The Elephant is now sold across 10,000 stores nationwide in the U.S.A. and 10 countries across the world. 


Tiffany Krumins was diagnosed with cancer of the thyroid after her win at the Shark Tank show, she battled cancer for 2 years. 

Tiffany didn’t let her cancer battle stop her initiative. She founded another venture, Opn Probiotics, which delivers daily probiotics for infants aged 2 and above. Tiffany was eventually declared cancer-free.

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Tiffany Krumins was married in 2005, however, her husband’s name is withheld and not available at this time. Tiffany had her first child in 2010 and a second child in 2014.

Personal Profile 

Information Details
Real Name Tiffany Krumins
Net Worth $10million
Profession Founder, CEO, Entrepreneur
Age 42 years old
Height   Not Available
Weight    Not Available
Marital Status Unknown



Tiffany Krumin’s net worth valued at $ 10 million shows her persistence in building a multi-million dollar business. Tiffany’s dedication to her business despite her cancer fears and several obstacles shows her doggedness and persistence, she looks to further create new medical initiatives for children and infants.   

Tiffany continues to speak at entrepreneur events across the world, and her entrepreneurial journey has been featured across numerous media outlets such as TEDx, FOX Business, OZ Show, and Kids EXPO.


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