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Coss Marte, a former drug lord who now motivates individuals to take transformative steps toward health and wellness with every beat of their heart, has overcome his past and accumulated a net worth of almost $5 million, leaving a legacy of tenacity and atonement.


What is Coss Marte Worth?

Coss Marte’s net worth fluctuates due to his changing earnings. However, Coss Marte’s net worth is currently in the region of $5 million and continues to grow. He is an international speaker, an entrepreneur with a fitness company, and an author.

Yearly Earnings and Monthly Income

Coss’s income is subject to change as he receives multiple streams of income, including being the owner of a fitness company, ConBody, that keeps growing its client base all over America day by day, an author, and an international speaker.


Early Life and Family

Coss Marte is the son of Licelot C. Marte de Barriosa and a brother to Christopher Marte. He is an American of Dominican origin who grew up in Manhattan’s Lower East Side, New York City, in the United States. 

Marte had a challenging upbringing, and he began selling drugs at a young age. At 19, he was making over $2 million a year from selling drugs, not until he was arrested at 23 for being in possession of and selling prohibited substances.

Coss Martes net worth

Professional Life 

Coss Marte served a jail term of almost ten years. While serving time in prison, he became overweight, and he was advised by a Physician to take part in gym class and some exercise. This led to Marte’s positive transformation as he became passionate about fitness and wellness.

Upon Marte’s release, he drew inspiration from his own experiences of staying fit in prison and established a Prison-Style boot camp called ConBody. The ConBody founder, Coss Marte, contributes to the betterment of the people and society by employing a formerly incarcerated individual as a trainer.

Coss is regarded as one of America’s most popular figures. As an international speaker, he now serves as a source of inspiration for both his clients and followers. Furthermore, he has written numerous novels.

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Coss Marte’s educational background is not publicly known, and it isn’t mentioned in his public statement.


Coss Marte is happily married to a young and attractive lady, Roxie Velas, and they are blessed with a boy child.

Coss Marte’s Age, Height, and Weight

There is no clear information about Coss Marte’s age, but he is about five feet and eight inches tall, which goes well with his body shape and weight. Coss weighs about 100 kg, which could have changed with time due to his fitness program and dietary choices.

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Quick Information 



Real Name Coss Marte
Nickname Nil
Gender Male
Profession fitness instructor, International speaker, and author


Net Worth $2billion (As of 2023)
Nationality   American
Age   Unknown


Height 5’8″


Weight 100kg
Parents Father: Licelot C. Marte de Barriosa; Mother: Unknown
Marital Status   Married to Roxie Velas
Number of Children   1


Personal Details

Email Address [email protected]
Phone Number Not available
Website Not available
Discord or Telegram Not available
YouTube Not available
Linkedin //


Coss Marte’s inspiring journey from a rough past to a net worth of $5 million is an illustration of the power of the human spirit and the possibility for personal change. Through perseverance, hard work, and a love of exercise, he was able to change his course in life, leaving a life of crime behind and becoming a successful fitness entrepreneur.


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