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Matthew Thayer is an accomplished American Forex trader with a net worth valued at $ 10 million. He is known for creating the CashTrap trading initiative which has helped forex traders earn extra income and monitor forex market volatility. 


In this article, I will be sharing details about Matthew’s professional life, his forex trading background, marital status and more. 

What is Matthew Thayer’s Net Worth?

matthew thayer net worth


Matthew Thayer has a net worth valued at $10million. This figure is subject to his personal trading earnings, earnings from Forex Mastery Academy, paid public speaking appearances, and earnings from his trading initiative, CashTrap.

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Yearly, Monthly Income and Salary

There is no public information about Matthew Thayer’s annual and monthly income at this time.

Early Life and Family

Born and bred in Minneapolis Minnesota, Matthew Thayer grew up being athletic playing his favorite games, football and basketball. Matthew loved playing basketball especially, however, he didn’t pursue the game as a career. 

Matthew’s father was a musician, however, there is no public information about his mother’s occupation. 

Matthew Thayer Age, Height, and Weight

Mathew Thayer was born on 5th October 1990. As of 2023, he is 33 years old. He has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and weighs 70kg.  


There is no public information about Matthew Thayer’s education at this time. However, having graduated high school, Matthew proceeded to the University of Wisconsin-Stout for his tertiary education.

Professional Profile and Achievements

matthew thayer net worth

Having graduated from university, Matthew Thayer worked as a travel staff at a travel agency, World Ventures, he left the company afterwards given the travel industry was not aligning with his goals. Matthew met Alex Morton of IM Mastery Academy, a top forex educator in the U.S.A. Matthew started at the academy and discovered his goals aligned with forex trading, he polished his trading skills with a solid grasp of trading strategies, and he would go on to become a forex mentor and a 100th Chairman of IM Mastery Academy. 

Having reached the pinnacle of success at IM Mastery Academy, Matthew decided to improve the forex trading business by creating a new concept of trading, CashTrap. CashTrap utilizes different initiatives and charts to help forex traders understand the forex market volatility and make better decisions to improve their trading portfolio. CashTrap has continually improved thousands of lives across Matthew’s mentorship classes which grew from a few hundred to thousands of traders weekly.  


Matthew Thayer is married to his wife Hannah Thayer. The pair wedded in 2021 and are blessed with a daughter, Kylie Thayer.

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Personal Profile 

Information              Details
Real Name Matthew Thayer
Net Worth $ 10 million 
Profession Entrepreneur, Speaker, Forex Trader, Forex Educator
Age 33 years old
Height 5 feet and 11 inches
Weight 70kg
Marital Status Married
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Matthew Thayer’s leap from his humble beginnings to his success stories as a consistent forex trader while being a family man shows his great determination to achieve his goals.

Matthew’s perseverance and persistence to learn and imbibe money-making ideas alongside his experiences has shaped thousands of lives via his mentorship classes. He also specializes in helping people shape their mindsets positively towards a goal. Matthew has appeared in Disrupt Magazine and also gave an interview via the Trade Masters Cube YouTube channel.


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