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Buzz Warner is a wellknown figure in the track industry. He is the Dealer Principal of Warner Truck Centers and has earned a great deal of money from his work in this field. He is a highly respected individual who has a lot of experience and knowledge in the track industry. Today we are going to know about Buzz Warner’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, and many more hidden information.


What is Buzz Warner’s Net Worth?

Buzz Warner is one of the most successful businessmen in the trucking industry. He is the owner of Truckland, one of the largest trucking companies in the United States. His net worth is estimated to be around 171 million dollars. He is a very successful businessman and has been able to grow his company into one of the most successful in the country.

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Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2024 $171 million 11.2%
2023 $ 156. million 11.2%
2022 $139 million 11.2%
2021 $125million 4.16%
2020 $120million 20%
2019 $100million N/A


Buzz Warner
Buzz Warner

Buzz Warner’s Yearly Earning, Monthly Income, and Salary?

Buzz Warner is a wellknown figure in the world of track and field. He has been competing at the highest levels for many years and has amassed a large following of fans. As a result of his successful career, Buzz Warner has earned a significant amount of money. His yearly income is around 6.95 million USD, which works out to approximately 579 thousand USD per month. That comes out to around 19 thousand USD per day.

  • Yearly Income –  6.95million USD
  • Monthly Income – 579k USD
  • Daily Income – 19k USD

Early Life & Family

He is a Track industry. He has a beautiful early life. He loved to spend time with his friends. His parents love him. To refresh their mind, they go on family vacations. When he was just a young kid, his parents would take him on vacations to different places around the world. This is where he developed his love for track and running. He would always be the first one to finish the race, and he loved the feeling of crossing the finish line first.

As he grew older, he began to take his track career more seriously. He started to train harder and entered into more competitions. He started to win more and more races, and he became one of the top runners in the world.

Buzz Warner Wife

Buzz Warner and his wife have a great relationship. They are always there for each other, supporting each other through everything. They have been through a lot together and have come out stronger because of it. They are each other‘s best friend and biggest fan.

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Buzz Warner is a highly respected and wellknown figure in the world of track and field. He has a wealth of experience and knowledge in the sport and has used this to great effect in his role as a coach and educator. Warner has a Bachelor‘s degree from the University of Utah and a Master‘s degree from a reputed university. He has been successful in his academy career and is highly regarded by those in the know. He is currently working as a coach and teacher and is using his experience and expertise to help develop the next generation of athletes. Warner is passionate about his work and is dedicated to helping his students reach their potential. He is an excellent educator and is making a positive impact on the world of track and field.

Professional Life

Buzz Warner was born into a family of track industry professionals and grew up around the sport. He has many fond memories of spending time with his family and loved ones, and they would often take trips together to make the most of their leisure time. These experiences instilled a love of the sport in Buzz and a desire to one day work in the industry himself.

After completing his studies, he began working in the family business and has since become one of the most respected figures in the sport.

Age, Height, Weight

Buzz Warner is a track industry professional who is currently 49 years old. He is of average height at 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs in at around 72 kilograms. Although his weight may fluctuate, he generally keeps in good shape and can maintain his health and fitness. Warner has been in the industry for many years and has developed a strong reputation as a reliable and hardworking individual. He is often sought out by clients for his expertise and advice, and he takes pride in his work. Warner is a dedicated professional who takes his job seriously, and he is always looking to improve his craft.

Quick Info

Real Name Buzz Warner
Nick Name Buzz Warner
Profession Track industry
Age 49 Years
Height In feet: 5’7”
Weight In Kilograms: 72 kg
Relationship Not Found
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available

Buzz Warner Contact Details And Phone Number

Email Address [email protected]
Whatsapp Number Not Available
Discord/Telegram Number Not Available
Personal Website
TikTok Not Found
Snapchat Not Available


Based on the information above, we can conclude that Buzz Warner is a very successful man with a net worth of around 171 million dollars. He has made his money through his professional life in the track industry and is very well known and respected in his field.


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