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Bobby Parrish is a YouTube star who has amassed a net worth through his popular channel. His channel features a mix of vlogs, Cooks, challenges, and other entertaining content, and has earned him a loyal following. Parrish‘s videos have also been monetized, bringing in additional income. In addition to his YouTube earnings, Parrish also makes money through sponsored videos and other endorsement deals. Today we are going to know about Bobby Parrish Net Worth, age, height, weight, wife, and many more hidden information.

What is Bobby Parrish’s Net Worth?

Bobby Parrish is a Youtube Star who is estimated to be worth around $54 million USD. He started his Youtube channel back to more than three years ago and has since amassed a large following of dedicated fans. His videos typically consist of him Cooking, but he also occasionally uploads vlogs and other types of videos. Parrish is also a member of the popular YouTube group known as The Sidemen, which further boosts his popularity and earnings. In addition to his YouTube earnings, Parrish also makes money through sponsorships and other brand deals.

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 5.4 million USD 56.97%
2021 3.44 million USD 22.85%
2020 2.8 million USD 47.36
2019 1.9 million USD N/A


Bobby Parrish
Bobby Parrish

Bobby Parrish Yearly Earning, Monthly Income, and salary?

Bobby Parrish is a YouTube star whose yearly income is around 240k USD. His monthly income is around 20k USD, and his daily income is around 700 USD. Parrish has amassed a large following on YouTube, and his channel features a variety of content, ranging from vlogs to cooking videos. He is wellknown for his engaging personality and his ability to connect with his audience. Parrish‘s success on YouTube has allowed him to live a comfortable lifestyle and earn a significant income.

  • Yearly Income – 240k USD
  • Monthly Income – 20k USD
  • Daily Income – 700 USD

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Early Life & Family

Bobby Parrish is a YouTube star who had a wonderful early life. He loves to spend time with his family and friends, and his parents were always supportive of his dreams and aspirations. Bobby started making videos when he was just a teenager and quickly developed a large following online.

He is now one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, with millions of fans tuning in to watch his videos every day. Bobby has used his platform to promote positivity and good vibes, and he is always encouraging his viewers to chase their dreams. He is an inspiration to people all over the world, and his message of positivity is something that everyone can learn from.

Bobby Parrish Cooking For A Show
Bobby Parrish Cooking For A Show

Bobby Parrish Wife

Bobby Parrish is a happily married man. He and his wife Dessi parris have a great relationship and are always there for each other. They have been through a lot together and have always come out stronger because of it. They are each other‘s biggest supporters and fans. Bobby loves his wife very much and is grateful to have her in his life. He is always there for her and she knows that she can always count on him.

Bobby Parrish With His Wife
Bobby Parrish With His Wife


Bobby Parrish is a Youtube Star. He completed his bachelor‘s degree from the University of WisconsinMadison. Then he completed His masters from both university He got good result in his academy career. He has been working in the field of education for a long time. He has been teaching people about different aspects of life. He has also been working as a motivational speaker. He has been helping people to achieve their goals. He is also a life coach. He has been helping people to change their lives for the better.

Professional Life

Bobby Parrish is a real YouTube star. He worked hard to get to his current position. He worked at YouTube for a while and then eventually moved on to working on YouTube. He has struggled a lot to get to where he is now, but it has all paid off.

He is now one of the most popular YouTubers around and his videos are watched by millions of people every day. He is truly a success story and an inspiration to others.

Age, Height, Weight

He is 43 years old, 6 feet 1 inch tall, and weighs around 74 kg. Parrish has built up a large following on YouTube, and his videos have been viewed millions of times. He has also appeared on television shows. Parrish is also a successful businessman, running a number of businesses in addition to his YouTube career. He is married and has children.

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Quick Info

Real Name bobby Parrish
Nick Name bobby Parrish
Profession Youtube Star
Age 43 Years
Height In feet: 6’1”
Weight In Kilograms: 74 kg
Relationship Wife-Dessi Parrish
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available

Bobby Parrish Contact Details And Phone Number

Email Address Not Found
Whatsapp Number Not Available
Discord/Telegram Number Not Available
Personal Website Not available
Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bobby.parrish.75
Instagram www.instagram.com/flavcity
Twitter https://twitter.com/flavcity
LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/bobby-parris
TikTok Not Found
Snapchat Not Available


Bobby Parrish is a YouTube star with a net worth of around 5.4 million USD. He earns his money from his professional life, which includes his work as a YouTuber. 

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