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Ari Rastegar is a real estate investor. He has many properties and companies. He has made some very wise investments in the real estate market and has been able to amass a large fortune. Today we will learn about Ari Rastegar’s Net Worth, Age, Height, Weight, Wife, and many more hidden information.


What is Ari Rastegar’s Net Worth?

Ari Rastegar is a real estate mogul and the founder of Rastegar Property Company. He has an estimated net worth of 833 million dollars and is one of the most successful real estate developers in the United States. Rastegar has developed numerous properties in major metropolitan areas across the country and has earned a reputation for being a toptier developer.

He is known for his innovative and cuttingedge development projects that have set new standards in the industry. Rastegar is a powerful force in the real estate world and his influence is felt throughout the industry.

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2024 $833 million 33.33%
2023 $625 million 25%
2022 $500 Million  25%
2021 $400 Million 33.33%
2020 $300 Million  20%
2019 $250 Million N/A

Ari Rastegar
Ari Rastegar

Ari Rastegar’s Yearly Earning, Monthly Income, and Salary?

Ari Rastegar is a real estate developer whose yearly income is around 25 million USD. His monthly income is around 2 million USD, and his daily income is around 69k USD. Ari has been involved in many highprofile real estate development projects, and his wealth has continued to grow as a result.

Ari is known for his luxurious lifestyle, and his homes and cars are a reflection of his success. He is often seen driving around town in his Bentley or RollsRoyce, and he has a collection of expensive watches and jewelry. Despite his wealth, Ari remains humble and downtoearth, and he is always quick to help others in need.

  • Yearly Income –  25million USD
  • Monthly Income – 2 million USD
  • Daily Income – 69k USD

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Early Life & Family

Ari Rastegar is a real estate mogul who loves to read books about his early life. He was very passionate in the real estate field from his early life. Ari‘s father was a successful real estate developer, so it is no surprise that he followed in his footsteps.

Rastegar grew up in a wealthy family and had all the advantages that money could buy. He attended the best schools and had access to the best resources. However, he was not content to simply ride on his father‘s coattails. He was determined to make his way in the world and create his legacy.

Rastegar has always been a gogetter and has never been afraid to take risks. This has paid off handsomely for him, as he is now one of the most successful real estate developers in the country. He has made a name for himself by taking on challenging projects and seeing them through to completion. Rastegar is a true visionary in the real estate world and he has changed the landscape of many cities with his innovative projects.

Ari Rastegar Wife

He married to Kellie Rastegar. They have a good relationship. They support each other in every single moment of life. He always tries to make her happy and she always tries to make him happy. They are always there for each other when the other needs them. They are truly best friends as well as husband and wife. They have been married for many years and they are still just as in love with each other as they were when they first got married.


Ari Rastegar is a real estate developer who completed his BA from Texas A&M University. He then went on to complete his master’s at St. Mary’s University in Texas. He has had great success in his academic career and is now a wellrespected real estate developer.

Professional Life

Ari Rastegar is a real estate entrepreneur who has worked hard to achieve his current position as the CEO of Rastegar Property Company. He started in the industry working for other companies, and then eventually started his own real estate development and investment firm. Ari has always been driven to succeed, and his hard work has paid off.

He is now one of the most successful real estate developers in the country, and his company is continuing to grow. Ari is passionate about helping others achieve their real estate dreams, and he is always looking for new opportunities to invest in and develop.

Age, Height, Weight

Ari Rastegar is a real estate investor and entrepreneur who has built a successful career in the industry. He is 40 years old, 5 feet 10 inches tall, and weighs approximately 75 kilograms. Rastegar has been successful in his chosen field due in part to his willingness to take risks and his dedication to hard work. He has also been fortunate to have a strong network of supportive family and friends.

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Quick Info

Real Name Ari Rastegar
Nick Name Ari Rastegar
Profession Real Estate
Age 40 Years
Height In feet: 5’10”
Weight In Kilograms: 75 kg
Relationship Kellie Rastegar
Children Not Found
Parents Info Not available

Ari Rastegar Contact Details And Phone Number

Email Address
Whatsapp Number Not Available
Discord/Telegram Number Not Available
Personal Website
TikTok Not Found
Snapchat Not Available


Ari Rastegar is a very successful real estate developer with a net worth of around 833 million dollars. He has made his money through his professional life and is an excellent example of someone who has been able to achieve great wealth through hard work and dedication.


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