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Adeel Shams is a sneaker retailer and the founder of the wellknown sneaker brand Cool kicks. His quality products and customer service have made him a successful businessman. He has made a lot of money from his business and is known for his cool, trendy sneakers. Today in this post we are going to learn about Adeel Shams Net worth, age, height, weight, wife, and also Cool kicks Net worth. So let’s started.

Adeel Shams
Adeel Shams


What is Adeel Shams’s Net Worth?

Adeel Shams is a millionaire sneaker retailer who has achieved success through his quality products and excellent customer service. For many years, Adeel has provided shoppers with the best sneakers available, and his monthly sales are evidence of his commitment to his customers. Thanks to his dedication to his work, Adeel has become one of the richest people in the world, with a net worth that continues to grow. Here is his last 4 years’ net worth. 

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 $7 Million 55.55%
2021 $4.5 Million  50%
2020 $3 Million 50%
2019 $2 Million N/A

What is Cool kicks’s Net Worth?

Cool kicks is the most well-known sneaker brand based in the United States. For their awesome qualities of sneakers, they become one of the most popular sneaker sellers. Accordingly, they made lots of money by selling sneakers shoes. A recent survey said that Cool kicks net worth is around 15 Million dollars.

Year Net Worth Increase Rate
2022 $15 Million 15.38%
2021 $13 Million 30%
2020 $10 Million 42.85%
2019 $7 Million N/A

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Cool Kicks Store
Cool Kicks Store

Adeel Shams’s Yearly Earning, Monthly Income, and salary?

Adeel Shams is a top sneaker seller in the USA who makes around 700k USD per year from sneaker sales. His monthly income is approximately 58k USD, which means his daily income is around 2k USD.

  • Yearly Income –  700k USD
  • Monthly Income – 58k USD
  • Daily Income – 2k USD

Early Life

Adam Shams had a very enjoyable early life. He loved playing with his friends and was very disciplined, which has helped him to achieve the success he has today. He was always dedicated to whatever he did, and this has helped him to achieve great things.

Family Members

Adeel Shams comes from a closeknit family. His father and mother have always been supportive, but when it came to starting his own business, he didn‘t receive any help from his family. Despite this, he persevered and is now a successful entrepreneur. He attributes his success to his strong work ethic and determination.

Education Life

Adeel Shams is a business professional who has a passion for reading and learning about different marketing strategies. He completed his undergraduate degree in marketing from Virginia Commonwealth University and then went on to complete his Master of Science in Creative Brand Management from VCU Brandcenter. Adeel is a strong advocate for continuing education and believes that it is essential for success in today‘s business world. He is an excellent example of someone who has used education to further his career and build a successful life for himself.

Professional Career

Adeel Shams is a multimillionaire who got his start in the sneaker industry. He started his career through the Cool kicks where he sell varieties of sneaker and shoes. After getting popularity on his own brand, he didn‘t need to start other business. He become multi millionaire from his sneakers shop.

Age, Height, Weight

Adeel shams is a 30 year old business man who has found great success in his life. He is 5 feet 7 inches tall and weighs 75 kg. Despite his success, he remains a humble and down to earth person.

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Quick Info

Real Name Adeel shams
Company Name Cool kicks
Profession Sneaker and shoes seller founder of Cool kicks
Age 30 Years
Height In feet: 5’7”
Weight In Kilograms: 75 kg
Relationship Not Found
Children No Data available
Parents Info Not available

Adeel shams’s Contact Details And Phone Number

Phone Number N/A
Email Address N/A
Whatsapp Number N/A
Discord/Telegram Number N/A
Personal Website No data available
Instagram Not found
Twitter Not found
TikTok Not found
Snapchat Not Found

Final Lines

Adeel shams net worth is around 7 million dollars. He earns his money from his own sneakers brand Cool kicks. His company Cool kicks‘s net worth is around 15 Million dollars. Therefore, it can be concluded that Adeel shams is a successful businessman with a good net worth.


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